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Travel Medical Insurance, Visitors to Canada, Immigrants & Expatriates Insurance from Ray Battiston, Canadian Insurance Broker

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Your best choice for Travel Insurance & Visitors to Canada Insurance

-Licensed in all Provinces & The Yukon



Choose the travel insurance link below to where you want to go. Call our office on any questions.

Destination Travel Health Plans ( Cumis General Insurance Company)

RSA Medi Select (Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada)

Medicare International (Manulife Financial Travel Insurance)

21st Century Travel Insurance Limited (Manulife Financial Travel Insurance)

Allianz Global Assistance (Cumis General Insurance Company)

Manulife Financil Travel Insurance

PrimeLink - CanAm Insurance Plans (Manulife Financial Travel Insurance)

Tugo Travel Insurance- Traveller Plan (Industrial Alliance)

Tugo Travel Insurance - Quest Plan ( Industrial Alliance)

Tour+Med Travel Insurance (LS-Travel Insurance Company)

Blue Cross Travel Insurance (Ontario & East Provinces)

  Canadian Travellers
  Visitors to Canada Insurance and Returning Canadians
  Buy On Line including Allianz Global Assistance, Manulife, TuGo Travel Insurance, RSA Travel, Tour+Med and PrimeLink

All our other Insurance Plans -including Trip Cancellation, Air Flight & 24 Hour Accident, Manulife FlexCare & more.

  • Canadian Travel Medical Insurance can protect you from a financial nightmare.  Our clients have suffered accidents or illnesses on the very first day of their trip, the very last day of their trip and everywhere in between.  Some losses are small enough to be paid out of pocket.  Others have been in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  No one can afford a catastrophic medical insurance loss.  And that is why you buy insurance!
  •            We sell Multi Trip annual, Single trip and Top up Travel Medical Insurance plans.

  • Canadian should also purchase Out of Province travel Insurance. For instance, air ambulance for skiers can cost from $25,000 or $30,000 in Canada! Plus there are many more 'out of pocket' expenses that Provincial Insurance Plans exclude in other Provinces. We have very inexpensive travel insurance plans designed for out of Province travel.
  • The USA has  the highest medical costs. Some of our companies offer lower  insurance premiums for travel  to  Mexico, South America, European and Asian countries.   The bottom line is:  Buy travel medical insurance before you leave your home Province! 
  •           Since we specialize in long term travel and Visitors to Canada Insurance,  many of our Insurance partners have agreed to quote and service our short term    travel  requests. You can also search our Buy Online page  on our home page to purchase insurance on our secure sites directly.

           "Travel Insurance" has many options:  Travel Medical ( also known  as  Excess  Hospital   Medical Insurance), Visitors Insurance, Trip Cancellation, Interruption and Delay, or Trip Interruption only, Air Flight Accident, 24 hour Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Baggage Insurance. 

                                                                         Call Ray or Kipp today to review your insurance requirements.  

    A Pre-Existing Condition is defined differently by each Insurance Company, but can be a current or past medical condition that required consultation, prescription drugs, hospitalization or treatment. It could be an ongoing health condition like Angina, or something that might have occurred only once, like a broken leg. It could even be something you have now, but not aware of it!

    Pre-Ex conditions  normally can be covered; however there is usually a STABILITY PERIOD, which might be 90, 180, 365 days, even life long, which can effect coverage. If there is a change during this stability period immediately prior to your departure, your insurance company may deny coverage. You must carefully explain your medical condition and any changes to your Broker, Agent or Insurance Company to ensure your policy is right for you!

    I represent companies that medically underwrite certain pre-existing conditions and may be able to issue a policy that guarantees payment on those medical conditions, so you know even before you travel that your condition will be covered. My office sells a very wide selection of Canadian, British, and American Insurance Companies. Some pre existing conditions can not be covered for any amount of premium.


    Rates can vary by age, single, family, or group size, health, and number of days or months of travel.  Sometimes even the destination will effect the premium if it is a non USA destination.  Since I am contracted with ten  or more different companies, I can normally "fit" you to the company which is best suited for your own travel plans.  Best to call or email me for more details! And next year call early for the Early Bird deals.  Call before your birthday to check on our Birthday special rates. Many companies allow an age discount up to six months in advance of the trip if you buy prior to your birthday which would have normally put you into a higher rate band.

    The Three Biggest Mistakes in Buying Travel Insurance that can result in a claim denial or even your whole policy coveage voided!

    1. Eligibility - Most companies require you to be eligible to purchase the insurance plan. Read the eligibility questions on the application very, very carefully and ask questions  if you are not sure, you may wish to show the application to your Doctor. If you are not eligible to purchase the plan, your policy can be voided  when a claim is submitted.

    2. Rating Class- If the Insurer offers a range of rating classes, make sure you are in the correct rate class. If not, your policy can be voided. Don't assume, check with your Doctor if you are not sure of the answer.

    3. Stability Requirements. There is usually a required number of days or months, such as 90, 180, or 365 days that your pre existing conditions or health has remained the same without changes in medication, treatment or hospitalization, etc. If you have had a recent change within the stability period requirement, your claim can be denied for that condition.


    Disclaimer: The above information is a brief description only.  Please refer to your actual policy wording for complete details. You should contact one of our qualified Brokers prior to purchasing a policy.









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