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Visitors to Canada or returning Canadians and temporary workers should insure against unexpected emergency medical costs from sudden sickness or accident.  Relatives of  a visitor to  Canada should ensure that their Visitors have valid Canadian Insurance for Canada or side trips to the USA.   A visitors policy  should also cover  pre-existing medical conditions.  Many senior visitors or returning Canadians have medical histories of one or more of heart, blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, cancer, gallbladder, liver, kidney disease or other conditions. When shopping for a Visitor To Canada Medical Insurance plan, please be sure to enquire about pre- existing  medical conditions coverage options.

Our Canadian health system is one of the best in the world. But it is very expensive if you do not maintain proper Visitors insurance! Hospitals  in Canada can charge thousands of dollars on overnight stays.

You can purchase up to $300,000 per person limits for Visitors and returning Canadians.   Coverage limits vary from company to company and generally start out at $10,000 or $20,000 per person and up. However buying the cheapest policy might become your most expensive liability.  It is imperative that you secure a policy which will cover pre-existing conditions and the higher the limit, the higher protection you have against unforseen expenses.

Most, but not all pre existing conditions  can be covered provided there is a long enough Stability Period.  But there are exclusions.  For example, Pregnancy is a common exclusion in all Insurance policies.  When it is available there are some rather strict conditions. Premiums are determined by age, limit of coverage, and length of stay.  Sometimes specially underwritten policies for more difficult  pre-existing conditions may be available.   Premium rates will vary only by company or coverage chosen.  Our office is one of the best choices for Visitors to Canada Insurance as we are contracted with many of the major Insurance Companies in Canada.

 It does not cost any more money to deal direct with our office as opposed to the Insurance Company.  In fact we  are authorized by our contracted insurers to issue the policies on  their behalf. When you purchase a policy from our office, we issue that policy off the selected Insurance Company data base. Your confirmation can be sent by email or regular mail or both.

Call us today for clear, concise information on Visitors to Canada Insurance, rates and explanations.  We can take your application over the phone, on our Buy Online links, or by  email.


1. 21st Century - Manulife Travel - Visitors Plans
2. RSA Travel Insurance Inc -Medi-Select Advantage
3. Allianz Global Assistance - Co-Operators Life Insurance
5.  TuGo Travel Insurance - Platinum Visitors Plans, offering Pre existing conditions to age 79
5. Manulife  Financial 
6. Blue Cross

We also sell  CanAM  and Destination Travel



COMMON COVERAGE  EXAMPLES :(varies by company)

Emergency basis only to cover sudden, unexpected, and unforeseeable circumstances.
Hospital Confinement -for Standard and sometimes semi-private rooms, services and supplies 
Medical Services: Services of a legally licensed MD or Surgeon, Anesthetist, Registered Nurse  Lab tests, x-ray exams, other diagnostic tests  Licensed local air, land or sea ambulance Rental of hospital type bed, crutches, trusses, braces, splints or other approved prosthetic appliances 
Emergency Out Patient services  Drugs or Medicines while hospitalized and a set limit if not hospitalized  Return of Deceased Body to Insureds' residence, or cost of cremation or burial at place of death Accidental Dental -set limits on costs of damage from accidental blow to the face  Air Flight Accident (usually an option) 24 hour Accidental Death or Dismemberment (usually an option) 
COMMON EXCLUSIONS EXAMPLES : (varies by companies)
On going treatment after emergency sickness or injury is taken care of  Elective, non emergency treatment 
Traveling against Doctors orders (includes sick person not telling his doctor he is traveling)  Certain sports or professional sports activities Pregnancy associated costs  
Pre-existing conditions (check out my Manulife plans listed above, they actually do cover pre-existing conditions for most ages, read the policy for full details, or call us!) 
Injury or sickness resulting from illegal use of drugs or alcohol  Criminal activity Act of War, terrorism, kidnapping, armed forces or exercises  *For full exclusions, coverage limitations, refer to the actual policy wording, this is a brief synopsis only.

Disclaimer: The above is a brief description only. Please refer to policies for complete details. It is recommended you speak with a qualified Insurance Broker prior to purchase.


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